19 9 / 2013

19 9 / 2013


The game is called “Count My Orgasms”.

1.       Tie him down to the bed, face up, wrists and ankles, in such a way that he is accessible to you (legs tied wide open).

2.       He should have a butt plug in and be cleaned out.

3.       Explain to him this, “We are going to play a game; you are going to have to count how many orgasms I have. If you guess correctly, I will allow you 3 days free of chores. If you guess incorrectly, I will extend your chastity period by 2 weeks. I guess we will see how much you value your orgasm.”

4.       Using an IPod or other type of music player, place the headphones on him so that he cannot hear anything, ***Bonus for you if you put on music he doesn’t like***

5.       Blind fold him.

6.       Now he is immobilized, blind & deaf. Completely at your mercy.

7.       Take your time, he isn’t going anywhere.

8.       Get a dildo for him and some lube. Towel also.

9.       Kneel over him in a “69” type position.

10.   Lower yourself down on him.

11.   Now, this is where it gets difficult for him, lube up the dildo, take out his butt plug, and insert the dildo.

12.   Start fucking his pussy at whatever paces you choose, this should distract him from being able to keep count.

13.   Stop and start the dildo at your leisure.

14.   Have him pleasure you as long as you choose.

15.   You can also stop and take a break for a while, go have a drink, get something to eat, watch some television, and then return for some more. That will make it even harder for him to guess correctly.

16.   If you really want to stack the deck in your favor, have an orgasm or two on your own right next to him, he won’t be able to tell.

17.   When you are ready for him to guess, let him go. Have him guess, keep the true number real, there is the chance that he could guess wrong, but you had one or two on your own and he somehow guesses that number incorrectly, it’s the chance of the game.

18.   Award or penalize him accordingly.

19.   Above all have fun with it.

Mistress Red

19 9 / 2013

19 9 / 2013